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Sex Education in the U.S.A: A Bleeping Travesty

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Sex Education in the U.S.A: A Bleeping Travesty

When was the first time you learned about sex? Were you in fifth grade in an awkward Sex Ed class, was it when you were in high school, at your first big dance, was it in college with your crush, was it when you had your wedding night with your true love (like that happens nowadays)?

How exactly did you learn about sex, I mean, what did you consider your education? Was it your best friends, your liberal parents, getting pregnant, watching copious amounts of porn, wandering nervously in a bookstore, a romance novel, an actual college Human Sexuality course?

Or was your first sexual experience and education through molestation, incest, or rape, as a youth? Who helped you and taught you how to be in your body again without feeling shame or fear? Did you even tell anyone or were you made to feel shameful and that you were not allowed to talk about it and it never happened?

If you’re like many who live in the United States, most likely you never were given any formal education unless you took Human Sexuality in college, were sent to a counselor because you were pregnant, purchased a Kama Sutra book, or one of your first lovers was awesome and took the time to really teach you about sex and your body. It’s no secret that the U.S. falls way behind in many things now a days, education being one of them. We can barely keep art classes in high school let alone keep students enrolled in school and sex ed is taught in P.E….right?!

Schools have to fight to teach a basic “Sex Ed” class and the preferred teaching from the right wing conservatives is abstinence or a condom demonstration from Planned Parenthood. All of it practically, with the exception of the condom demonstration, a complete fucking waste of time for our students, who in the mean time learn about sex from watching porn. This would be fine if they had other role models instead of watching something that portrays women being dominated and completely submissive or in threesomes with other women as a man watches. All usually one sided and an unhealthy intro for any beginner seeking sexual knowledge.

So what do we do? How do we stop the rate of sexual abuse and shame from rising daily? Some may argue that teen pregnancy is down because of the use of IUD’s and  Teen Mom type shows but that didn’t stop sexual abuse and human sexual trafficking in the US to skyrocket the past couple of years. What the hell is going on indeed. People spend millions of dollars in campaigns to shed a negative light on abortion or in support of abortion but I ask you, Where the shit is the education to prevent this in the first place?!!! Sex Ed in high school or in fifth grade or whenever you had it was a joke and you know it. It was basically a glorified Physiology class!

Where is the sex education that is actually useful and teaches teens or adults for that matter about ACTUAL SEX AND INTIMACY! I was speaking with a wedding planner I met at an event recently and she debated with me that college is the perfect age for a Human Sexuality class and I respectfully said, bull shit. By the time our kids are in college they are either filled with misinformation, no information, or have had a bevy of lovers and think they’re awesome when in reality, they don’t have a clue on how to properly stimulate an orgasm or multiple orgasms in their partner(s). So why in God’s great name are we waiting and hoping maybe they take it in college?!

A human sexuality course needs to happen in high school, yes high school all you prudes! It’s not like I’m saying it should happen in middle school or elementary school so stop having a cow already. If it was up to me, a sex ed course in high school would be mandatory, like math or English. How else are they going to learn about masturbation, the glories of menstruation, orgasm, being a great lover to yourself and your beloved/partner(s)? Some of you are freaking out, so take a deep breath, you know it’s all important to learn. And take another breath in because of course teaching about physiology is important too and all the different relationship styles and the horrid STD’s they could catch or pregnancies that could happen if they tempt fate, make mistakes or are just making stupid choices.

Our kids need us to take a stand and put our grown up pants on and stand up to the school system run by conservative right wing religious prudes and demand that they help us teach our kids about SEX! We need to start a movement to make all high schools teach a Human Sexuality course, our present and future generations are depending on us to teach them to love their bodies instead of feeling shame and doubt when it comes to sex and love. It’s our job to get this movement going now, at this time in history, who’s with me?


Written by Dominique Peters

Sex and Relationship Coach


Dirty Laundry

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*Dirty Laundry

by Dominique Peters


“Talk to me dirty”, he says.

I want to say and shower him with conversational sex and

down and dirty phrases, yet feel nievity.

My lips fumble out the words

cock, cum, suck, wet pussy,

dick, slap, tongue, hot, steamy, bite…among others in no particular order.

For a few moments, I feel suddenly

unclean, un-kept, disheveled and struggle

with my role as a woman in all of this.

Then I remember that talkin’ dirty is much cleaner

than dirty laundry.


* A glimpse of the girl I was.


Owning the Goddess Within

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Every girl, woman on the planet needs to read this. If you are a man reading this then this is for you too, to help you embrace the goddesses and holy ladies in your life with passion and gratitude! If you are female, no matter if you were born that way or not, then you embody a Goddess. Yes, you, sitting reading this right now with your cup of tea, glass of wine, café ole, or the all nourishing beverage water, YOU ARE A GODDESS.

As a little girl, you didn’t know it, you just were a kid, leaping off fences pretending you could fly, scurrying up trees, pretending you were a hero riding a Pegasus or unicorn, or saving insects from your kiddie pool. I am talking to you lady love.

You felt at times that you were an all powerful queen or princess, fairy or an angel, when in fact, you actually were and ARE all of those things! Your birth-right as a woman is to grow to embody the goddess. Somewhere as we entered puberty and were told we were too fat for ballet, too skinny, too smart, too bold, too imaginative, too (fill in the blank), we lost our way and ourselves for a bit. If you’re here reading this, my guess is that you realize that you are beautiful, powerful, brave, or are on your way to embracing that power once more. The power it is to be born female, to evolve into a woman whose power is so terrifying still to men around the world that we are still enslaved, chattels, abused, hidden, and forsaken because we were born a girl.

I am here to tell you that because you are a woman, you are a goddess, divine, sacred, holy as the Mother Mary, as brave as Artemis, as sexy as Venus, as compassionate as Kuan Yin and as fluid and fertile as Yemaya.

So why is it important that you embrace and embody your Inner Goddess? It’s as simple as this…the world needs you to be the strongest, most amazing woman that you can be. We need you to be on the path of doing your Great Work in the world. If you are not on that path, please, I beg you to get on it! It doesn’t matter what your calling is, if it’s a stay at home mom, a healer, a teacher, or a farmer, WE NEED YOU TO BE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE. The universe is at such a special place right now where people are stepping into their power, realizing what’s really important to them and standing up for what they believe in because for our future, the future of our children’s children, and for Mama Earth, we each have to do our part. Believe it or not, stepping into your power and walking your path with faith is you doing your part.

By embracing your Inner Goddess, knowing that you are power beyond measure, full or self love and love for those that surround you whether they’re family or not, it is time to be who you know in your heart you are. Every culture has their own way of honoring the Divine Feminine, so I ask you, how will you honor the Divine Feminine within you? How will you show her you love her? Dear, sweet sister, please begin to or continue to take the time and teach your other sisters how to honor the Inner Goddess through exquisite self care through organic foods, clean water, pure body products, and clothing that lets your skin breathe. Look into your eyes and tell yourself how much you love YOU! It might take a little while before you mean it, but all it takes is a first step. The world needs you, you need you to be the best woman you can be. Embody your Inner Goddess and teach, nurture, inspire!

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