2016 May

The Gift of Touch

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I had the most incredible massage today by my friend and colleague, Vanessa. There is something so dear, so precious about being touched by a human being in a completely non-sexual, yet sensual way.

Vanessa’s hands danced gracefully and intentionally across my flesh, focusing on those spaces within need of extra attention and melted me into a state of oblivion.

I realized today, although I’ve had hundreds of massages at this point, that there is such a gift in not only being given a massage but in being able to actually receive the nurturing, love and healing that one has access to when on the table.

I was able to access a part of me that I haven’t been able to since I was a teenager, in that sweet space of innocence before one “grows up” and has to embrace adulting. I smelled out of now where the scent of sweet tobacco and leather, reminding me of my medicine pouch that I use to have and that disappeared after too many moves in my early twenties. I saw with my eyes closed, energy dancing and moving, the life force or shakti that is within everything moving and swirling.

Gratitude swells in my heart and I give thanks to the gift of touch from a dear friend and bless this beautiful thing called life.

Sending you all bliss, love and pure joy!

Feeling so much gratitude and Bliss

Blissed Out -artist unknown