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Why You Must Always Follow Your Heart, Even If It Seems Crazy

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follow your heart, Dominique Peters

You know that feeling.

Something feels wrong. You can’t place it except for a feeling deep inside that you don’t feel in alignment.

Or something just lights you up. It feels like warmth, a fluttering, a glow and no reasoning will explain where it’s coming from.

It doesn’t make sense at all and you’re really confused.

If you’ve been spending your life being “the sensible one” or “doing the right thing” then you, sister, are a people pleaser and it’s draining you!

What would happen if you chose to stop listening to your head and start listening to what your heart wants?

Let me be honest, I haven’t always trusted my intuition or listened to my heart. I’ve let other people convince me to go against what my intuition was saying, I’ve made some big mistakes along my path, and usually because I didn’t trust myself.

There are still times when I let the voice of self-doubt get in the way, but I’ve gotten better.

If I hadn’t followed my heart, I never would have discovered Tantra and never would have healed my deepest wounds with my sexuality. I would never have created my artwork or become a Sex Coach or an Intentional Creativity Teacher.

Now I can serve you.

Following your heart takes real courage, but I promise it will be worth it and I’m going to give you 5 reasons why.

1. You become empowered

When your heart speaks, it’s usually completely different what those around you are telling you. They may be doing it from a place of love, but is it really serving you? When you have the courage to follow your heart, you’re trusting in your own authority. You’re making a choice for yourself. It’s the ultimate tool of self-empowerment!

2. You will inspire others

Everybody has dreams, how many people have the courage to follow through with them and make them into reality? When you have the courage to put your heart’s whispers into the world, you’re giving others permission to do the same.

Soon, people who follow you will be thinking, “If she can do it, then so can I!”.

What would happen if the world was filled with heart inspirations?

3. The world needs your message

What if you were actually being selfish by not sharing your heart? If you’re worried that what you have to say doesn’t matter because it’s already been said already, STOP RIGHT THERE!

Nobody can share your message like you can, so step up and shine your light! What if you started believing that the world needs what you have to say.

We need more truth tellers, storytellers, mystics, and healers.

It’s time you stepped up.

4. Your intuition gets sharper

The more you practice listening to your heart and intuition, I promise, the easier it gets and the more you can rely on it. 

5. You’ll be happier long-term

Think of where you want to be in 10 years time, 20 years time, 30 years time. What do you want to be doing?

If what you’re doing now isn’t lighting you up, then will you be any happier in the future?

When you ignore the callings of your heart, you’re actually ignoring your deepest self. You’ll find that your healing comes when you embrace who you really are, which means following the calling of your heart.

And it won’t just be you. The happier you are, the happier your loved ones will be too.

I know because I’m the happiest I’ve been since I stopped and truly listened to my heart’s calling.

Sure, it’s hard work, but I wouldn’t change one second of my journey.

The past few months, my heart has been calling me to integrate my work, which is why you’ll be seeing my artwork from Heartcore Inspirations integrated with my work in Tantra.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. With love, from my heart to yours.

Are you feeling called to dive deep into your sexuality?

Contact me here and let’s get started.

Independence Day: Why Our Freedom Still Hasn’t Been Won

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sexual freedom, Independence Day, Dominique Peters


Wednesday was the 4th of July in the United States


It was a time for a celebration of our independence and for our freedom.  But has our freedom really been won?

Here are some uncomfortable truths:

  • African Americans, Puerto Rican Americans and Native Americans have the highest rates of incarceration in the United States.
  • People of color are still facing high rates of police violence
  • Migrants are being imprisoned on entry to the United States
  • The United States was named in the top 10 most dangerous countries to be a woman.

We can’t have real freedom without sexual freedom

I believe that we can’t have real freedom without sexual freedom.

In 2010, the Woodhull Freedom Foundation published a report on the State of Sexual Freedom in the United States. It’s a long read, but it explains why sexual freedom is a fundamental human right and why sexual rights are human rights.

Sexual freedom is where everyone is given equal rights, no matter what their sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual expression, physical ability, sex or pregnancy status. Sexual freedom is where comprehensive reproductive health care is available and accessible to everyone, regardless of ethnicity, financial circumstances, gender, location, religious beliefs, physical ability or orientation.

It’s giving comprehensive, evidence-based sex education to all ages so that teens and young people can make informed choices about their bodies. It’s being free from persecution based on your sexual orientation, gender identity or sexual expression. It’s embracing that sex is PLEASURABLE, and giving pleasure-based sex education so that our sexual experiences can be not just enjoyable, but consensual.

Sexual Freedom starts with you

While we must continue to fight for sexual freedom on a civic and public level, we need to start with ourselves first.

  • On a personal level, how free do you feel as a sexual being?
  • Do you feel comfortable with you goddess-given, beautiful body?
  • Do you like your genitals?
  • Are you able to own your most secret desires and fantasies without shame?

If you’re still a prisoner of your own sexual shame, then how are you really free?

Your freedom starts with freeing yourself from your limiting beliefs about your body.

Freeing your body using delicious Tantric techniques and dancing.

Freeing your sexual energy to circulate around your body so that you feel your desire for life.

Freeing your spirit from the sexual shame that has been passed down through the generations so that you can dance freely with your sexuality.

Let me help you to free your sexuality and contact me to discuss how we can work together.

Connect with me here and we’ll start your journey to sexual freedom



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