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Manifest your heart’s desires with your sexual energy

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Let me ask you a question, do you really know just how powerful your sexual energy is? If you really, really knew, you’d know why so many patriarchal religions have tried to suppress and deny it for centuries. Sexual energy is powerful stuff, which can be channeled for good or for not so benevolent purposes! You’ve probably experienced it when used for manipulation or power, so it’s time to experience all of the life-giving and juicy ways it can be used for good!

Our sexuality and sexual energy truly is a gift from god/goddess/source/the divine– however you want to call it. In the Tantric and Taoist traditions, we can use this energy for our health and vitality, to bring us closer to the divine, and to create intentionally. 

Whether you believe in “magic” or not, I believe that you too can harness your sexual energy to create amazing things in your life.

Maybe you want more intimacy in your relationship, to feel more sexually and sensually alive, more orgasms, or to have better health and overall vitality? Whatever it is, you can use your sexual energy to create this. 

I really believe that when women awaken to their sexual power, their whole world changes.

Suddenly, sex isn’t just something you do for your partner or husband. It stops being a chore and stops being full of shame and guilt. You start to awaken and come alive in your beautiful body. Colors become more vibrant, you glow and hum. Your friends will ask you whether you’ve changed your beauty regimen– I kid you not!

This aliveness, power, and juiciness is available to everyone.

And I want to show you how you can do it by harnessing your sexual energy and using it to create what you really want in your life.

Maybe you already have an intention practice? If you’ve already created vision boards, you’ve journaled, painted, sang, prayed, danced, or recited affirmations, the exercises I will describe will take it to the next level. 

As women, we’ve forgotten our real power which is the creatrix and initiatrix.

We are connected to the world through our monthly cycles and how we literally birth new life into the world. Now it’s time that you understood your power and used it to birth what you really want. 

I’m going to describe two very simple techniques you can practice straight away to create your magic in your life, all using your powerful sexual energy. 

Be patient and gentle with yourself. They take a bit of practice but once mastered, you can make it your own. 

Here’s how you begin:

  1. Set the scene. Light a candle or some incense, create a nest in your bed or just a cozy atmosphere. You could take this as a reason to clean up and take all the clothes off the floor!
  2. Create your intention. What do you really, really want to create or have? It doesn’t need to be sexual, but it’s important that you are excited with the idea and that you make it as specific as you can. See it in your mind’s eye and then feel it with all of your senses. Engage the senses of touch, taste, sound, smell, and sight. How would it look like and feel like to have this in your life? Make sure that this intention is in line with yours and the world’s highest good. Set the intention that what you wish to create will be for the benefit of all. 
  3. Once you’ve got this clear. It’s time to turn yourself on! Get creative here, you may want to dance, do hip circles, caress your body, do kegels or self-pleasure. Focus on turning on your whole body and your senses.
  4. Start to feel your sexual energy. It will start in your lower chakras and start to imagine that it’s swirling around your whole pelvis. Move with it and feel how this delicious sexual energy is moving around. You may want to move your hips and do some squeezes.
  5. How are you experiencing this? Does it have a color? Is it tingling, pulsating, shimmering? Light or heavy? Connect with it and feel it the best you can.   

There are two directions you can take this exercise.

Option 1: 

Now connect with your intention. Imagine having the idea in the palm of one hand, and you’re holding your powerful sexual energy in the other palm. 

Now, bring your hands together until they melt and feel these forces combining. 

Cup your hands and throw out this intention to the universe/divine/god/goddess.  

Then using your hands imagine scooping all of this juicy energy and pull it into your body. Caress your body down from your head to your toes and seal it all in. 

Option 2:

Feeling your sexual energy swirling around your lower chakras, now start to pull this energy up through the rest of your chakras: Your sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and finally, your crown. 

Keep stimulating yourself and feeling your sexual power, it may take a while to get the hang of it. It doesn’t matter whether you orgasm or not, just focus on feeling the pleasure and your power. 

Once it reaches your crown, visualize your intention again and imagine sending it out to the universe. Boom! 

With your hands, imagine gathering all the energy from your intention into a ball and then pull it down through your head and into your body. 

At the end of both exercises, allow yourself a few minutes to soak it all in and feel it integrating into your body and energy system. 

Thank your body and thank the divine, and then carry on with your day.

Go on, give it a try!

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