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_IMG_3914About Dominique…

Above all that I am, I am a Priestess. By priestess I mean I am a guide, a holder of sacred energy, space and seeker of and server of what I call The Divine, or God or Allah, Goddess, some even call it the Universe. I serve the Divine and I am here to teach, learn, share and love.

I am a Priestess specifically of sex and art. I feel like I was born here to serve the Divine and to guide people in understanding Sacred Love, Sexuality & Creativity.

I didn’t always know or feel that I was a priestess, but I always had reverence for sacred space and felt a spiritual, intense connection to Nature feeling called to lead people in healing themselves and one another. It wasn’t until I left my 10 year career as an English and Psychology teacher that I began my journey into the Divine Feminine through becoming a yoga teacher, medicine woman, priestess, Reiki Master, Intentional Creativity Coach, Color of Woman Teacher, and a Sex and Relationship Coach.

I’ve always been sexually curious and for many years sought the Divine in sex through reading about modern and ancient Sexology. From the time I was 18 years old and knew I wanted to have sex with someone, I researched and holed myself away in book stores because I didn’t want my parents to find my books! As time went on, I scoured the Internet for info and engaged in some experimental sexual experiences where I learned what I loved and didn’t enjoy doing.

It wasn’t until January of 2013 on a retreat that I claimed myself as a teacher of at the time I called Sacred Desire, that I truly began my journey of becoming a sacred sexual teacher.

Becoming a teacher of sacred sexuality meant that I had a lot of healing myself to do, I knew I needed to be, “healed enough” to teach. As a survivor of sexual abuse, my healing journey began with bringing into awareness parts of myself that had been stolen, injured or that I had given away unconsciously my entire life. Along with receiving counseling, I read and re-read books like Women Who Run with the Wolves, Fire of the Goddess, Ethical Slut and The Sacred Prostitute. A majority of my healing occurred in March 2013 when I began The Color of Woman Teacher Program with Shiloh Sophia McCloud and learned about Intentional Creativity.

Through Intentional Creativity my wounds were given a place to heal and transform in my many paintings and writings during the almost year long training. As I developed my skills as a sex coach I realized I wanted to incorporate Intentional Creativity into my Sex and Relationship Coaching practice. In May 2016, I began my journey of becoming certified as a Tantra Coach with Sex Expert and Relationship Guru, Psalm Isadora, founder of the Urban Kama Sutra, Jade Egg Program, Tantra Touch and Isadora Tantra Coaching.

I feel that each one of us has a responsibility to heal Mother Earth and one another. My way of participating in the Great Healing is to be a guide and priestess to those seeking healing in transformation in embodying themselves as sacred, sensual, incredible human beings.

I am here to serve the Divine in you. I am here for you.

Blessings and aloha!

Learn more about my artwork and Intentional Creativity at www.heartcoreinspiration.com