Blessons (Blessings & Lessons) I Learned on My Honeymoon: Part 1 of 2

Blessons I learned on my honeymoon

My honeymoon was incredible! 

My husband and I decided to save money and take a month off and have our honeymoon in May (we were married in August of 2018). I knew that in taking so much time off and traveling so much that our honeymoon would be relaxing but it would also be a journey. 

I wasn’t sure what kind of journey it would be so I asked my husband before our plane took off from Honolulu, what his intention was for our upcoming journey. He said his intention was to have an amazing time with me & to have a million dollars come to us. 

My intention was also to have an incredible time together and to fall more in love with him than I already was…something I didn’t think was possible.

Our first stop was Philadelphia. We spent 2 nights there in an amazing neighborhood called the Northern Liberties. We visited with an uncle who lived close by and explored the neighborhood we were staying in. The neighborhood was full of life, art, culture, and music and my husband and I decided that if we ever moved to Philly we’d move to this exact place. 

There was something so cool about it that it made me long for city life and reminded me a bit of San Francisco. 

Blesson 1 from Philly: I learned there was that as long as I had my husband with me, I felt like I could be happy anywhere. 

Next, we left on the long plane ride to Scotland. We first ended up in Inverness for a couple of nights. The city was filled with such a history and we went to a nearby Wild Animal Sanctuary where we fell in love with the Red Pandas (which are really more like raccoons which my man loves). 

After a couple of fantastic days in Inverness and the outlying areas, my husband and I left for a place that had called to our hearts… The Isle of Skye.

As we entered the Isle of Skye, it was almost like everything shifted and a kind of magic was stirring. 

As we drove through the valleys, the mountains towered above, still partially covered in snow, staring down at us. There were mountains and water everywhere, seas, rivers, lakes, it was glorious. 

When we arrived at where we were staying we learned that the beach below had giant dinosaur prints and that there was a fairy glen nearby. The first night we were there we drove to the nearest first fairy glen we’d see that trip. There was a picnic table and we sat down for our first meal of champagne, Kettle chips and a Mars bar because that’s what we had and all the stores were closed. 

There was a small lake and we spent our first evening watching the sunset over the mountains, painting them and the sea below us pink, orange and purple.

It was magnificent. 

The following days were spent hiking, driving and enjoying everything this land had to offer. I felt my heart open, open to all the land had to offer, it was so ready to give. I felt my heart begin to open even more to the possibility of loving my husband more. 

From the food to the people to the land, it was like everything was urging us to feel pleasure and listen. 

Listen to the sounds of people’s voices, listen to the way the earth crunches beneath our feet, listen to the rocks, trees, and wind. It was truly one of the most magic filled places I’d ever been. 

Blesson 2 from Scotland: Be still and listen and that it was safe to connect with my heart and what surrounds me if I choose.

From Scotland, we headed to Switzerland. 

Wow, is what I have to say about that place. The first part of our trip we stayed in a place called Boches, a small Swiss Village on a lake, the next village we stayed was Spiez, also on a gorgeous lake surrounded by spectacular snow-covered mountains.

It was so sweet because my husband shared with me that each place he picked to stay, he chose to stay on or near a body of water & gorgeous mountains because I love water and mountains so much. 

Everywhere we went, we took Switzerland’s famous public transportation, it really is amazing, they’ll even get on the loudspeaker and share if the train’s going to be 2 minutes late! 

We visited & rode the trams of Titulus, the Matterhorn, Pilatus-Bahn, and Maria Rickenbach (my favorite, I really connected to the land there the most). Being on each tram going from the bottom to the top was incredibly awesome and COLD!

We even took the train one rainy day to a place called Vallorbe. Vallorbe is a tiny little town that has a fabulous cave that’s actually located in the next city called L’Orbe (we walked to it, took about 45 minutes in the rain!). 

I loved everything about the enormous cave. I even at one point, teared up because it was the most beautiful place I’d ever been and I had never been happier in my entire life up until that point…It was at the moment that I KNEW that I’d fallen more in love with my husband, I could feel it down to my cells, it was pretty spectacular to say the least. 

Blesson 3 from Switzerland:  Play, drink in the beauty and be open to always being happier and loving more.

From Switzerland, we took the train to Italy. 

First to Venice, ahhhh Venice! It really is a city of love. 

My husband and I stayed in most of the days we were there and made love…it was so awesome. I attribute part of the making love to the home we stayed in. It was old and beautiful and nestled in a part of town that made us feel like we lived there! 

And of course, we visited the sites and devoured the most delicious gelato! 

One day I was checking Facebook and saw that my sister and brother in law were in Venice too! It was crazy because they said they might be there the same time but I never heard back from them and voila! There they were! 

We met up on both our last nights for a truly memorable experience! We started off on a speed boat ride through the Venetian canals, so cool! Then we met up for a true Italian Feast along the beautiful canals. 

Blesson 4 from Venice: Revel in love! Love for my husband and the love of my family…who we met up with next…

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