Blessons (Blessings & Lessons) I Learned on My Honeymoon: Part 2 of 2

Blessons from Italy

I’m still feeling the energy from my amazing Honeymoon! We traveled to Europe for a month and I received so many blessons (blessings + lessons) there. I wanted to share this with you so you can feel a part of my journey. Make sure you’ve read Part 1, which you can read here.

So far we went to Philadelphia, Scotland, Switzerland, and then the stunning city of Venice. 

After Venice, we met up with my mom, dad, sister, and brother in law in a small town called Lucca. 

The rest of our Italy trip included family and yes, they asked if they could join us! The part of Lucca we stayed in was surrounded by an ancient wall.

It was so beautiful and cozy. 

We all had a wonderful time, wandering through the streets, eating delightful food, going bike riding in those 4 seater bikes along the top of the wall while drinking delicious Italian wine. Lucca was pretty wonderful. 

Blesson 5 from Lucca: Just enjoy and allow myself to play and really BE with family.

Next stop, Florence. 

Florence was an amazing city, the history and culture and museums are so great!

In the Airbnb we stayed in which was gorgeous, my family decided to give my husband and I the master suite for crashing our honeymoon and what a suite it was! 

One of my favorite parts of that place is the food, it’s so delicious! From the pizza to the Florentine steak, it was so yummy! 

Florence was a beautiful city and I loved all the site-seeing and the eating, however, being with my family, I figured there’d be one hiccup in the road and it happened in Florence (we’d been with each other for over a week at that point).

What I learned from the hiccup was a reminder that everyone has issues, that just because someone has an issue with me at the time, it doesn’t mean it’s about me and that forgiveness is a beautiful thing. 

Blesson 6 from Florence: Slow down and be IN the moment with what I find pleasurable whether it was food, sex or what was in front of me.

From Florence, my sister and brother and law left us to head for Capri and my husband, mom, and dad met up with my aunties and uncles in Rome. 

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. 

I reveled in the first night in Rome at its beauty. I ignored its crowds and got caught up in the magic of it all from the Trevi Fountain to the Spanish Steps, to the beautiful spot along the river we stayed in. It was all perfect to me. 

The days that followed were filled with museums, the Colosseum, the Vatican. And at the St. Peter’s Basilica where after seeing the Sistine Chapel where I didn’t cry (I thought I would somehow), 

I actually became teary-eyed seeing the Pieta in person for the first time, remembering how I’d teared up in the middle of class when I saw it for the first time in my Art History textbook in college. 

It moved me so much. I felt like all of Rome had so much to offer and so much to give. It’s a city that felt like it had an endless energy supply. Just when each night we were there and I thought I couldn’t go any further because of the walking, because of the heat, etc. something would spark up in me and I’d have more energy! 

Truly an amazing city. 

The last morning I was there, however, I woke up and vomited (I never ever vomit unless I actually have the flu or food poisoning) which was so strange because I’d felt great when I woke up. Once I vomited, I felt sluggish which I didn’t have time to be to because my husband and I were headed to Germany. 

So I put on my best face and headed out the door ready for the 2 mile walk to the bus stop It was so funny because I felt that I was, for lack of a better term, energy sick, like my body was in no way ready to leave Rome…but leave I did. 

Blesson 7 from Rome: There is always more to give. This from the amount of energy I had in Rome to the enormous amount of beauty Rome had to offer.

Once we landed in Germany, I’d felt better…or so I thought.

As we were walking to our Airbnb for the night, I got so hot and once we were in our home for the night, I slept. When I awoke I felt sick again all of a sudden and vomited again & felt sluggish again…”What the hell was going on?!”, I thought.

I did my best to enjoy the evening with my husband, walking along the beautiful river in Frankfurt, to the adorable neighborhood we found with what looked like awesome bars and restaurants. 

My husband found the best little food and beer/cider garden where I felt inspired to eat & drink very little and was actually able to keep it down. I was so sad I couldn’t eat the delicious looking schnitzel my husband ate but my body said absolutely not, and at this point, I know to listen to what it needs. 

I was in bed by 9pm that night, completely exhausted and didn’t sleep well. However, when I woke up I felt 100% better, it was like whatever was happening the day before was gone…strange but I was so happy! 

Blesson 8 from Germany: I received was to SLOW DOWN and give your body what it needs.

From Germany, we took a flight to New York City to see my mom’s side of the family and to just enjoy the Big Apple. The first night we landed we saw my family and it was sooooo good to see them which I hadn’t seen half of them in like 5 years so it was quite a reunion. 

Next morning we woke up and explored the city, places I’d never really been. 

My husband had also been to NYC before and wanted to see things we both hadn’t been and it was really lovely. The place that moved me most was the Freedom Tower museum and memorial. 

I cried when I saw the fire truck smashed to bits, cried when I saw the Firefighter memorial and when I walked through the exhibit with all the pieces left by those that had passed. I really felt the loss that we as a country had suffered. 

I cried remembering how we didn’t know if my grandmother who lived in Greenwich Village was alive, to finally find out hours later that she was fine. She was just really in shock from the hundreds of people running down her street, ash everywhere. 

It was very moving, I highly recommend you see the Museum and Memorial next time you’re in NYC. 

Another thing that moved me in a fun and playful way was that we went to see 2 concerts in 2 nights and it was so incredible! After the concerts every evening we just wandered around the city, enjoying all that New York has to offer, late night snacks and all. 

Blesson 9 from New York City: Wander and allow myself to take in the magic of the moment.

I feel so blessed to have experienced so many spectacular people, places and things on my honeymoon. I’m most grateful to my husband and his awesome sense of direction and ability to help plan such an incredible journey. 

I feel like I learned so much about myself, my husband and our ability to experience so much joy and even our ability to navigate during challenging times. 

This really was the trip of a lifetime. We both got what we had asked for with our intentions in the beginning (minus the $1 million, we tried, we played the NYC lotto!) of having the most amazing time with one another and I even received my extra wish of loving my husband more than ever. 

Feeling truly grateful and blessed. And now I’m back in the office. 

What Blessons have you received recently? I’d love you to share them with me! You can leave a comment below or send me an email at

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