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The Healing Power of Pleasure

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Take a deep breath.

I want you to imagine what it feels like to take your first sip of hot coffee in the morning.

Or maybe how it feels to smell a bunch of fresh cut flowers. Or how it feels when somebody gives you a back rub after a long day sitting in front of the computer.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

This is what pleasure is. Pleasure is something that you feel first and foremost in your body. It’s anything that feels yummy & delicious.

One of the biggest misconceptions about pleasure is that it only means sexual pleasure. Now don’t get me wrong, my work is about helping both women and men experience more sexual pleasure, but the secret to feeling more sexual pleasure is to start feeling pleasure in all its forms.

Do you remember the last time you felt real pleasure in your body that wasn’t related to sex?

I blame our culture.

We are afraid of pleasure

In the west, we are pleasure-phobic because there is a deeply ingrained belief that we must work hard and suffer to be worthy. In the USA, workers receive an average of just 10 days paid holiday in a whole year- including Christmas Day! American workers are working more than ever before and taking less time off, is it any wonder that we are feeling more stressed than ever?

When I was trying to get some statistics for this article, I typed into Google, “Why pleasure is […]” and the first suggestion that came up was, “Why pleasure is bad”.

We have a deeply held belief (which you can trace back to our founding fathers’ Puritanical roots) that pleasure equals sin.

I invite you to sit for a minute and feel into what comes up for you when you think about pleasure. Are you worried it means going into excess? That it means hedonism? That it will become addictive in the same way we can become addicted to alcohol, fatty foods, cigarettes and recreational drugs?

If we are so deeply afraid of feeling pleasurable sensations, then I say no wonder we are feeling so stressed and disconnected from our bodies, and consequently aren’t enjoying sex!

Pleasure is medicine

I want to introduce a radical new way of thinking about pleasure: Pleasure as healing medicine. There is more scientific evidence coming out about how pleasure decreases stress hormones, increases all the feel-good hormones of oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins, inhibits inflammation and even slows down the aging process!

If it’s commonly acknowledged that stress is the number one cause of most serious illnesses and health conditions, then wouldn’t pleasure be the number one remedy?

In our fast-paced and overstressed society, we need to be doing more of what brings us real joy and lights us up.

Tantra teaches us that pleasure is medicine and that pleasure is a practice: this is what I teach to my clients.

Pleasure is a practice

Taking the time to cultivate pleasure in your life may not be easy at first. We have been so conditioned to shut down our authentic feelings, desires, and dreams that to reverse this behavior can take some work.

When I work with women, their most common resistance is that they don’t want to be “selfish”, “demanding” or they’re afraid of offending someone. They think they’re just too busy to focus on themselves, even if it’s just for 20 minutes a day and they’ve got no energy for it.

Can you hear yourself saying that, as you read this? What’s stopping you from taking 20 minutes a day doing something that brings you joy?

Cultivating pleasure means actively searching for what brings you a feeling of joy, bliss, and connectedness. It can be as simple as when you’re walking in your neighborhood and you smell the aroma of freshly baked bread as you walk past a bake shop, you stop for a few moments and allow yourself to inhale the smell. Or if you’re sitting inside your house reading the newspaper and you see that the sun is shining outside, that you go and sit in the garden and enjoy the sunshine.

Here’s my challenge to you:

Make a “bliss list” of everything that brings you pleasure, alone, with friends and with a partner. You’ll find that when you start making a conscious effort to experiencing more pleasure in your life, you’ll find more things that bring you pleasure!

If you want to take the next step to experience more joy, bliss, and pleasure in your life, I have tailored packages designed to support you using Tantric techniques and my signature program, the Sacred Sexual Compass.

I invite you to book a free 30-minute Sacred Compass Activation with me to see how it can transform your life by clicking here.

Transformation and Tantra

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Learning Tantra has changed my life.

I’m not speaking about the kind of Tantra where you have sex for hours on end, although that is always interesting…

I’m talking about the Tantra that is about awakening the senses through breath. Sounds easy enough right?! Well, yes and no.

When I first began studying Tantra, I was a virgin and and devouring the book, The Art of Sexual Ecstacy, yet even after I had sex, I still didn’t “Get” Tantra like I had hoped.

In fact, I kind of gave up on Tantra after awhile, although it popped up in my radar from lovers from time to time, but I felt like I was missing a key point.

It wasn’t until I began my 6 month certification journey in Urban Tantra with Psalm Isadora this past May, that Tantra and me finally clicked.

I realized what I was missing previously, the mind/body connection. Which baffled me, down-right frustrated me for a little while, after all, I’d been a certified yoga teacher since 2011, but what I had failed to connect was my breathing to my sensuality and sexuality. Not suprising since this is something we’re never taught (more on that another day).

In yoga, we’re taught to connect with our breath and be present in our body, yet, sensuality is totally left out and not even addressed, even though, yoga in itself can be such a sensual experience.

So, starting in May, I started practicing Psalm’s 3-Part Tantra Breath and K.I.S.S Meditation daily and it started to change my life so rapidly, I felt compelled to teach and share it with my community, in person every week now for 2 months.

What’s even cooler is that the women who’ve been coming since the beginning are noticing a difference too, even though they said they only practice once a week with me. How awesome is that?!

So beauties, if you’re interested in learning more about how Tantra can transform your life, totally turning up your inner glow, email me at info@goddessdominique.com and let’s connect 🙂 Blessings and bliss my loves!

3 Part Tantra Breath


Edge Walker

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Image by iamamermaid.com

Being in the in between…

Sacred Sexuality Priestess

Priestess of the Red Thread

Our Red Tent Priestess in Training

Feeling into what my mission is…

Where I’m called is to dance in the in-between spaces with the beloveds that come to me, guide them in the wisdom of the ages of love, passion, womb wisdom and sacred sexuality.

Listening deeply to the guidance of the great Lady, our cosmic Mother, She points in the direction and it’s taking shedding my earthly ego and belief system to step into where she is asking me to go.

Transformation of your earthly temple is eminent She whispers, you hold the key to your own metamorphosis.

Trusting in Her support, guidance and protection, I prepare to dance into the re-creation of my inner landscape that will spill out into the landscape of my flesh.

I have held onto my fear of complete transformation too long says my inner critic, yet I know it’s all happening in divine timing.

Time to untie the knot of the fear that binds me to walking my path as the goddess, priestess, the sister I see in my visions.

I want to let go of the life raft that allows me to float, yet I keep thinking I’ll drown, that I need to get back to being safe, invisible, what will people think? Will I cease being loved? Will I be outcast from those that I love? Will I be killed if I stand out & be seen? Lifetimes of that fear…it’s a series of fears that is only holding me back from the woman I’m meant to become in this lifetime, I’m not waiting another…it’s time to let go of the raft and let my mermaid tail do the swimming.

I let go and begin diving down deep, I can breathe underwater…I step into another vision…

I breathe in and out into my dream of the woman I see myself becoming, feeling I’m hiding in my cocoon…the Great Seasons say it’s time to emerge, ready to fly…I crawl out of my cocoon, shaking off the memories of what was…I flap my wings…

I fly into the great Unknown, walking in between the worlds guided by She.

I feel you out there my tribe of sisters, it’s time to converge, emerging together as ONE, powerful and unstoppable.

I’ll meet you on the other side my beloveds.

*Beautiful Image Credit: Mermaid by C. Crumley

Sacred and Profane Entry 3

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Entry Three: Vanity and Dancing

There is something really sexy about being able to dance with no inhibitions. Like most of you, really letting loose dancing is something I do best solo, at home with no one around and yes, a bit of wine to the mix sweetens the deal. Where does the vanity come in? When I dance, I really feel the music, feel it in my whole body my whole being and I move in a way that is unique to those moments. What I do, and what I’ve been doing now for over 20 years is watching myself dance in those moments in a reflection, it doesn’t matter if it’s a mirror, a window, or off my computer screens reflection. There’s something so damn sexy about the way I move and feel that I wish I could feel all the time! I’m so turned on and I get this look, like I could seduce anyone without even trying, it’s like it would happen by default. When I was in my early 20’s and broke as a joke, I thought about trying my hand at being an Exotic Dancer, because I’ve got the goods and the moves, but…sadly…when other people are present, it’s just not the same. So I had to bid that career farewell. However, my current beloved dances with me into the wee hours of the morning every so often, and there’s something about him, or it could be the wine and the sleep deprivation, either way, I’m starting to enjoy him watching me dance and dancing with him during those late nights…I love how he admires me and drinks me in…I think he enjoys me just as much as I enjoy me when I’m dancing solo and that, as weird as that sounds, is a total turn on. Here’s to getting your groove on beautiful people, cheers!

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