Medicine Woman Journey

Edge Walker

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Being in the in between…

Sacred Sexuality Priestess

Priestess of the Red Thread

Our Red Tent Priestess in Training

Feeling into what my mission is…

Where I’m called is to dance in the in-between spaces with the beloveds that come to me, guide them in the wisdom of the ages of love, passion, womb wisdom and sacred sexuality.

Listening deeply to the guidance of the great Lady, our cosmic Mother, She points in the direction and it’s taking shedding my earthly ego and belief system to step into where she is asking me to go.

Transformation of your earthly temple is eminent She whispers, you hold the key to your own metamorphosis.

Trusting in Her support, guidance and protection, I prepare to dance into the re-creation of my inner landscape that will spill out into the landscape of my flesh.

I have held onto my fear of complete transformation too long says my inner critic, yet I know it’s all happening in divine timing.

Time to untie the knot of the fear that binds me to walking my path as the goddess, priestess, the sister I see in my visions.

I want to let go of the life raft that allows me to float, yet I keep thinking I’ll drown, that I need to get back to being safe, invisible, what will people think? Will I cease being loved? Will I be outcast from those that I love? Will I be killed if I stand out & be seen? Lifetimes of that fear…it’s a series of fears that is only holding me back from the woman I’m meant to become in this lifetime, I’m not waiting another…it’s time to let go of the raft and let my mermaid tail do the swimming.

I let go and begin diving down deep, I can breathe underwater…I step into another vision…

I breathe in and out into my dream of the woman I see myself becoming, feeling I’m hiding in my cocoon…the Great Seasons say it’s time to emerge, ready to fly…I crawl out of my cocoon, shaking off the memories of what was…I flap my wings…

I fly into the great Unknown, walking in between the worlds guided by She.

I feel you out there my tribe of sisters, it’s time to converge, emerging together as ONE, powerful and unstoppable.

I’ll meet you on the other side my beloveds.

*Beautiful Image Credit: Mermaid by C. Crumley

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