“I can’t get no satisfaction…”

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Let’s talk satisfaction

No, not just *sexual* satisfaction! But feeling satisfied in every area of your life.

What does it take for you to feel and be satisfied?

Think back to the last time that you felt truly satisfied with yourself. Where were you? What happened that made you feel so satisfied? What were the sensations you were feeling in your body? What was it that made you feel satisfied?

We’re flooded with so many messages from society, social media, advertising companies- you name it- telling us that what we have and who we are is not enough. You’re not skinny enough, curvy enough, you don’t earn enough, your relationship isn’t perfect, you’re not having enough orgasms, your car isn’t fancy enough… get the picture?

Nothing is ever enough! No matter what you do, how much you buy, how much you exercise or how much you earn, you’re still not complete.


Here’s a radical thought: What if everything you were, everything you feel and everything you have- right in this moment right now- is more than enough?

I used to tell myself that I was not enough too.

I told myself that I always needed to have more from life. While I want to be hungry for change (because I want to help bring in the new sexual revolution, baby!), there came a point when things tipped over the scale and I stopped feeling gratitude. I stopped feeling grateful for all I had and all I had become.

I become annoyed with my partner for not being able to be more, do more, make MORE money… as if HE had anything to do with any of that!

My tantra teacher at the time, Psalm Isadora, had us do a 21 Days of Gratitude on Facebook at the time and that’s when things shifted for me. Posting what I was thankful for in the beginning really wasn’t easy, but every single day that went by it became easier…and I got back more in touch with myself in the process.

I remembered that even though I didn’t have much, that what I did have, where I lived, my amazing partner, my kitty, and that there was food available to me when I desired it was enough to be grateful for everyday.

I realized that what I was doing in my status of ungratefulness was choosing to feel that way. I realized that I had a motherf*cking choice EVERY DAY to choose. I could choose to be in a victim mindset where I feel like everything is happening to me…  

… OR I could choose how to respond to everything. It came to me that I have a decision to create in every moment whether or not to be satisfied with what was happening and if I wasn’t, that I had a choice with how I’d like to respond.

From a psychospiritual perspective, I took it even deeper and I decided to look at the things that I don’t particularly like happening to me as lessons that I have yet to learn.

So take “Fuck, why is this happening?!” to another level and say, “What am I able to learn from this?” And when I got to that moment within the past few years, it changed everything for me.

What if all you had in this moment and who you were was IT?

Would you be satisfied?

Are you able to cultivate gratitude and create lessons you’ve learned from dark times?

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