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“I reached out to Dominique right as I was beginning a new relationship. I didn’t want to make all the same mistakes I had in the past.

Specifically, I didn’t want to suffer anymore around sexual issues that had plagued me and my relationships with men my whole life. With compassion and know-how, Dominique helped me peel away the layers and clarify what I really wanted.

With Dominique’s support, I began to express my sexual needs in my relationship. I learned that my needs also connected to deeper issues many women face from constraining societal rules and values around women and sexuality.

That relationship ultimately didn’t work out, in part, because our sexual needs and desires did not match. If I had navigated this situation alone, I know I would have settled as I had in the past. I would have put my needs aside to please him. And I would have eventually become bitter and angry, and left the relationship.

But thanks to this coaching experience, I will NEVER AGAIN settle for less than the goddess treatment I deserve from my lovers! And thanks to the changes in me, men more in alignment with my true desires are showing up in my life!

I also am grateful for Dominique being a resource to ask all the sex questions that would have felt uncomfortable to ever ask anyone else. Masturbation. Sex toys. Positions. Body noises. How to create intimacy. She’s like my 1-800-Sex Questions Hotline!

Working with Dominique is one of the most nurturing + empowering experiences I’ve ever had. I highly recommend her services!”

unnamed (1)~ Gina Marotta, Chicago, IL

Happiness Coach & Intuitive Guide







“I used to feel disconnected, angry and numb and Dominique gave me the tools of the Tantric Breathwork to use for 30 days. After 30 days I feel more calm, I have more energy and I feel more positive! So amazing! I’m so grateful and amazed at how much I’ve transformed in such a short amount of time. Dominique deeply listens and shares guidance and ancient tools that truly work!”

Chantal P., Nia Teacher in Switzerland






Reviews from the Yoga Journal teacher directory from group workshops and events:

I had the opportunity to work with Dominique during a workshop Creativity Unleashed. Her presence and exuberance for her work is infectious. She taught Bliss Breathe and YES breath. With this breathe work she changed the energy of a group of over 80 women. She led in a clear, concise and caring manner. I use these tools in my daily life. For me Bliss breath relaxes and grounds me and YES breathe energizes and moves my energy. I am grateful for her and her teaching. ~ Diana Bonicci

I have had the opportunity to work with Dominique both online and in person. She has a way of meeting you where you are and coaching you forward in a very natural way. She has a wealth of resources and very accessible, useful tools that work! I use her Bliss Breath anytime I feel that I need an energy boost. Look forward to learning more from Dominique! ~ Holly Johnson

Have had an opportunity to work with Dominique on several occasions and love her approach on coaching and teaching! I’ve taken breathwork classes at my local yoga studio, but nothing compares to a personal session where Dominique walks you through step-by-step and gives you feedback that is spot-on. She has an amazing energy and confidence, and totally ensures you are tracking with the process. Highly recommend!! ~ Kristina Jones

Dominique is masterful. Her presence is open, curious, and fun. I have had the great good fortune to practice breathwork with Dominique over the years and each and every time I feel more alive, and way more in touch with my sensual soft power. I can picture her neck getting all red as I SEE the energy coming up her body as she demonstrates the practice. The best news, is that I remember to practice the Bliss Breath and the YES! Breath on my own. Finding a great teacher is more common these days, finding tools I remember to use, less so. This is what makes Dominiqueʻs skill masterful, in my opinion. She has a powerful presence that helps me remember to use the tools, her presence is etched in my bodymindspirit. Mahalo nui loa. Great big thanks! ~ Amy Gordon


Because of the nature of this work, many one on one clients prefer anonymity but still have awesome things to say…

“You helped cure my sex issue with your suggestions!”- Mother, wife, artist and cancer survivor

“I’ve tried everything, therapy, counseling, nothing has gotten me closer to a full healing than the tools and guidance you shared”-Mother, wife, artist and survivor of trauma

“We think of how far we’ve come with your help, we were on the verge of divorce before your coaching and guidance!”-Married couple

“I never knew if I could ever even date again after what I’d experienced. I thought I might be like sexually broken. You helped me heal my heart, open my mind and show me what’s possible. Thank you” – Mother, Grandmother, cancer survivor