Entry Three: Vanity and Dancing

There is something really sexy about being able to dance with no inhibitions. Like most of you, really letting loose dancing is something I do best solo, at home with no one around and yes, a bit of wine to the mix sweetens the deal. Where does the vanity come in? When I dance, I really feel the music, feel it in my whole body my whole being and I move in a way that is unique to those moments. What I do, and what I’ve been doing now for over 20 years is watching myself dance in those moments in a reflection, it doesn’t matter if it’s a mirror, a window, or off my computer screens reflection. There’s something so damn sexy about the way I move and feel that I wish I could feel all the time! I’m so turned on and I get this look, like I could seduce anyone without even trying, it’s like it would happen by default. When I was in my early 20’s and broke as a joke, I thought about trying my hand at being an Exotic Dancer, because I’ve got the goods and the moves, but…sadly…when other people are present, it’s just not the same. So I had to bid that career farewell. However, my current beloved dances with me into the wee hours of the morning every so often, and there’s something about him, or it could be the wine and the sleep deprivation, either way, I’m starting to enjoy him watching me dance and dancing with him during those late nights…I love how he admires me and drinks me in…I think he enjoys me just as much as I enjoy me when I’m dancing solo and that, as weird as that sounds, is a total turn on. Here’s to getting your groove on beautiful people, cheers!

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