BE the Goddess You Were Born to Be!

The Sacred Sexual Compass program is your one-stop shop for awakened Goddesses who want to break through your sexual blockages and FINALLY manifesting what you truly desire: love, relationships, sex, and LIFE PURPOSE!

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You’re fed up of terrible relationships that drain you. You’re tired of chasing after someone who just isn’t interested in you. You’re tired of relationships that aren’t fulfilling, and damn it, you’re tired of sex that feels just average. Maybe you’re healing from a broken heart and scared you’ll never be loved again?

You’re a smart woman. You’re fed up with mediocre relationships. You want to be the creatrix of your destiny which means having MORE.

MORE passionsacred sexual compass, desire, Tantra, Dominique Peters

MORE connection

MORE juiciness

MORE desire

MORE orgasms!


Aloha, I’m Dominique.

I’ve immersed myself in the world of Tantra, sacred sexuality, the healing arts, yoga, personal development and creativity for the past 10 years.

I trained with many masters and renowned teachers, including Dr. Patti Britton, the late Psalm Isadora, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, SARK and Christine Arylo.

I went from the shy and frightened little girl and a confused young woman who had to do a whole lotta healing on herself to the confident and empowered woman you see today.

I won’t lie, it wasn’t an easy path. There were bumps and heartbreaks along the way.

But I didn’t just survive, I THRIVED and BLOSSOMED!

Not only that, I’ve worked with hundreds of people and helped them heal their sexual traumas, blockages, wounding and pain. I’ve facilitated retreats, live trainings, and private client sessions and have been blessed to be a facilitator for real healing.

I’ve been called a Sacred Sexual Priestess, and I claim that now daily.

Everything that I have studied and taught for the past 10+ years I am teaching you on this course now.

Why? Because I did NOT do this healing work alone! I had the support of many amazing mentors, teachers and healers who gave me the nurturing to blossom.

This is what I am now giving to you.

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Introducing the Sacred Sexual Compass

The Sacred Sexual Compass program is your one-stop shop for awakened Goddesses who want to break through your sexual blockages and FINALLY manifesting what you truly desire: love, relationships, sex, and LIFE PURPOSE!

Inside this 6-week course, you’ll get access to the SECRET Facebook group and you’ll receive:

    • LIVE weekly masterclasses with me
    • Private Facebook group for participants to receive coaching and ask questions
    • One on one 30 minute Activation Call with me via phone or private Zoom

Sacred Sexual Compass, Dominique Peters, Tantra






Here’s what we’ll be covering

Week 1:

    • Intro to the Sacred Sexual Compass
    • Tantric Breathwork as a foundation for transformation
    • Awareness vs. Judgement to create self-compassion

Week 2: Sovereignty – North -Queen

    • What is sovereignty?
    • Queen of Your Domain- navigating the Inner Critic vs. Inner Wisdom
    • Practicing Exquisite Sensual Self Care

Week 3: Creativity- East- Muse

    • Creativity and Self Expression in relation to Sensuality and Sexuality
    • Guided Meditation: Meet Your Sensual Muse
    • Self Love Cards IT Exercises

Week 4: Sexual & Non-Sexual Desire- South- Venus

    • Great Inner Lover: Tapping into Desire and different vibrations of pleasure
    • Bliss Breath with the Secret Squeeze
    • Sacred Masturbation and why it’s important
    • Yoni-Heart Meditation

Week 5: Intimacy & Relationships- West- Beloved

    • Relationship Patterns & Behaviors
    • What was/is/isn’t working for you really.
    • Romantic Archetypes

Week 6:

    • Create a Plan of Action to Live Your Life Committed to Embodying a Joyful, Luscious, Powerful Being!
    • Integration of Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit



What you’ll receive:

    • Finding your UNIQUE voice to BE who you really ARE!
    • The power to create a new sexual destiny
    • More confidence in yourself as the luscious sex goddess that you really are
    • More love, connection and intimacy with your partner
    • More connection to your body and overcoming body image hangups
    • The ability to CALL IN your beloved!

WARNING! Side effects may also include:

  • Feeling joy for no reason
  • Occasional feelings of ecstasy
  • More intense and pleasurable orgasms (by yourself AND with a partner!!!!)
  • Feeling so freakin’ badass that you FINALLY decide to follow your dream!

Sacred Sexual Compass, Dominique Peters






But you don’t have to take my word for it!

Here’s what some of my amazing students have said:

“I didn’t know if the amount of time would be enough in Dominique’s 6-week course to create the change I needed to invite into my life. But what Dominique offered in Sacred Sexual Compass were morsels of awareness that were crucial for your initiation into the path of awakening and healing your sexuality. Dominique is like bubbles in champagne! She’s a delight, she’s intuitive and really comes to the group sessions and one-on-ones with her whole heart. I learned some challenging tantric breathing techniques with Dominique that are meant to move your life force toward what you wish to create in your life. The practice required discipline (still does) but it was a beautiful doorway into the beginning of this path because it’s a direct and powerful connection with your body. Dominique also made us think about how we express our femininity and sexuality outwardly with people and with how we dress. I’ve been much more mindful since about listening to my muse and decorating myself with jewelry out of celebration and not expectation. I’ve also caught myself embodying archetypes around men that do not necessarily serve me. I loved working with Dominique and I recommend that to you work with her. She’s gorgeous!”
-Rachel Adams, Dubai

“My hesitations (in working with Dominique) were from my head. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to see what I was holding back, from myself and from what I was giving. I was afraid of confronting my own self imposed limitations and fears.

From working with Dominique I have brought to light my fears in relationships, my archetypes and why I have chosen partners in the past. From the lessons I have gained clarity of my choosing, or lack of, and gained strength. Strength in my self confidence and self worth. I have also learned to manifest what what I want to strive for both sexually and spiritually in relationships. Using the sacred sexual compass I realized how and where I show up. I’m more present in my relationships, both sexual and non sexual. And gained clarity of how I want to continue to be and the focus on what I want to work on getting away from. I would recommend Dominique’s services 100 times over. The clarity, lessons and honesty to myself was a hard journey but one that I needed. I started thinking the sessions were only about the sexual relationships and I couldn’t be more wrong. I realized it was about me and how I was in being. Nothing is off the table. And Dominique’s ability to dig deep and get right to the root with compassion and knowledge to help change things is amazing. Her commitment to helping women using the compass to benefit daily lives and the power of the breath-work is inspiring. I have learned so much about myself if the short 6 weeks it has really changed the way I look at things both inwardly and outwardly”

Jennifer Young, San Francisco


What’s the investment?

Only $247 (Regular price $997)

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I have spent over $50,000 on my trainings, personal development, sacred sexuality, and sexual healing. This is why what I’m offering to you is so unique.

Sacred Sexual Compass, Dominique Peters


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Mahalo nui loa

Dominique xox