Why Getting Angry Will Make Sex Better

The Sexy Coach, Dominique Peters, angry

Ladies, let’s talk real here. When was the last time you got MAD? You know, not just a little irritated, I mean pulsating rage and anger where you thought you would explode like a volcano. Can you remember the time? Or is it hard because you’re very self-contained?

I used to be afraid of expressing my anger– which makes sense because I was punished when I did. I was afraid that if I got angry, I would either hurt somebody I loved or I would turn into a typical hysterical woman and not be taken seriously. Can you resonate? Because I work with so many women who feel the same and feel confused about their anger.

And it makes sense.

As women, we’re taught that we shouldn’t get angry. Anger is “unwomanly”, so we have put on a big smile and swallow our feelings to make others feel better. We endure boundary violations and microaggressions, all in the name of smoothing things out and preserving the peace. Women have been given the role of emotional caretakers; if you Google, “feminine rage”, you’ll know that denying a woman’s anger is systemic.

Here’s the problem: when we swallow, suppress, or try to deny our anger, we will swallow, suppress, and deny our power, and ultimately, our pleasure.

Life becomes grey and dull because we’ve cut ourselves off from our core erotic energy.

Because if you’re suppressing your anger, I bet that you’re not feeling the full potential of your desire.

So what can you do? How can you embody your eroticism and make friends with anger again?

First, you need to remember this: anger, like sadness or desire, is just an emotion.

And there is A HELLA LOTTA ENERGY in it.

Second, you can harness the energy of your anger and channel it!

Here’s how.

Next time you feel angry, try and forget what you’ve been taught about anger (ie “anger is BAD”), instead get curious and feel into the physical sensation of it, as you have never experienced it before.

Don’t act on it yet, let yourself feel the pure, powerful energy spreading through your body. Where does the feeling start, where can you feel it the most?

How does it feel? How does it make YOU feel? Whatever comes with it, let it be – emotions, thoughts, movements – but be slow and stay with your body sensations. If you’ve always held your anger back, just start to melt some frozen fears and beliefs related to expressing anger.

Give yourself time and be tender with yourself. Be tender with your anger.

Now take it a step further: move your attention also to your pussy and see how your anger energy makes you feel sexually powerful.

Can you feel this awesome, sexy, pulsating flow? FEEL it, feel this pulse of pure sexual power surging around your body. Barbara Carrellas calls it a “Rage-gasm”.

After a while, you’ll find that you don’t want to destroy everything and everyone around you anymore. You’re ready to establish healthy boundaries where you need to – because in its healthy form this is what anger is all about.

You’ll feel more alive, more connected to your body, and more connected to your sexuality because you’ve moved the emotion through your body.

Embrace your anger, love it, because it helps you move in life.

Being friends with it will be your superpower that will turbo-charge your life, and your sexual energy.

Now go and have a rage-gasm!

Let me help you discover your sexual energy and raw, orgasmic potential and book a complimentary Sacred Compass Activation with me here.

Mahalo nui loa

Dominique xox

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