Why The Sexy Coach?

The Sexy Coach, Dominique Peters

Aloha gorgeous ones!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve shifted my name in social media outlets to “The Sexy Coach”, and my website has a new url: www.thesexycoach.com.

Some of you may be wondering why and I’m here to quell your curiosity.

I have been in deep inquiry lately about my business and what I do exactly. A month ago, I received a message from the Divine (& when the Divine speaks I listen) that I needed to create a name that reflects what I do & the title Sex & Relationship Coach just wasn’t quite reflecting that.

I thought about it for a few days and then recalled that my friends and colleagues have been calling me The Sexy Coach for years!

The answer was beneath my nose the whole time!

I remember when they first started calling me The Sexy Coach and it would make me laugh and brought so much joy to my heart when they said that name.

So I decided right then and there that I would fully step into that nickname and claim it!

Another reason the title, The Sexy Coach seems so fitting for me is because I do so much more than just sex & relationship coaching.

I teach about sensual embodiment, pleasure, the practice of loving your body again, creativity, self-expression, desire, and how to make yourself the most important relationship ever and of course, how to feel sexy at any age.

This is my life purpose.

Do you feel you’ve found yours yet? Or are you still looking?

You don’t have to become a sex coach like me, what matters is you follow the callings of your heart, follow what lights you up, and follow your passion.

It took a long road to get to where I am now- if you’ve known me for years, you’ll know I used to be a high school teacher, a yoga teacher, and I studied psychology in college.

Maybe you also know some of my past story too, about how I came to my own journey of sexual healing and transformed the trauma into light. While I’m not on your journey and I can’t speak for what you’ve had to overcome and are still processing, I do know that we, as a human collective, are going through a sexual, sensual, and embodied awakening.

Wherever you’ve come from, wherever you are in your journey, whatever your past, I believe in your potential to heal. It doesn’t matter what your politics, your faith, your cultural background, your family, or your relationship status.

Becoming embodied and embracing sensuality is available to YOU. You have the ability to become that luscious woman you’ve always dreamt about.

Sexiness isn’t about what you look like, your weight, body type, or what you wear. It’s about how you FEEL on the inside.

Don’t you agree?

I’m so excited for you to join me, and thank you, everyone, for your love and support!

If you’re reading this right now and you can resonate, I invite you to get in contact with me. Maybe you’ve been following me for a while but haven’t felt brave enough yet, then how about being brave now?

Book your free Sacred Compass Activation here, and let’s get you on your journey back to sexiness, sensuality, and erotic fulfillment.

Mahalo nui loa

Dominique xox

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Mahalo nui loa

Dominique xox

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