Your Sexiest Holiday Season EVER!

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Jingle bells, the holiday season is definitely upon us! The shops are full of decorations, you’re rushing around buying presents and you’ve been invited to about a million parties, right?

If the thought of the Holidays drives you into STRESS, I hear you. You’re so busy running around trying to make everything “just right” to create the perfect holiday spirit, you’re lucky if you get time to put your feet up with a cool glass of wine and enjoy it without remembering something else you had to do.

The holiday season can really take a toll on you if you’re in a relationship or married. I bet this is the season where your sex life takes a hit because let’s face it, you don’t have the time or the energy.

But, never fear because there IS hope! Let’s get back to the real meaning of the holiday season: a time of joy and to spend time with the ones you love the most- and that includes both your partner and yourself!

Your sex life and intimate connection don’t have to take a hit, believe me. I’ve been sharing my 10 best tips on my Instagram this week to keep the sizzle in your relationship, or if you’re currently single, how you can nurture your sensuality. Are you following me on Instagram yet?

You can read them all here on this post, are you ready to make this your sexiest holiday season EVER?

1. Schedule a festive date night

You may already schedule regular date nights with your honey (and if you’re not, then why not start this Christmas?), so how about creating an extra special festive date night? You could snuggle in front of a festive movie (the cheesier the better), wearing Santa hats and sip on some mulled wine. Or maybe go to an ice rink, a Christmas market or treat yourself to a gorgeous Christmas dinner at your favorite restaurant. Arrange a babysitter, turn your phones off and spend this time really lavishing attention on each other.

2. Feed your libido

Tis the season for indulgence! The shops are full of rich and delicious food- because the diet starts in January, right? How you eat will affect how you FEEL, mentally, emotionally and sexually. You may not be in the mood for lovemaking when you’re feeling lethargic.

My tip is be mindful of how you feed yourself this holiday season. Eat foods to nourish yourself and keep your energy levels stable- so go easy on the alcohol and food high in fat and sugar! Eat plenty of green, leafy veggies, fresh fruit, unsalted nuts, avocados, and healthy fats.

You may want to also go easy on the asparagus as this can affect how your yoni will smell.

3. Stop cleaning, start kissing!

Quit trying to make the house spotless! Because it’s the holiday season, you’ll probably have your house full with family and friends coming round for drinks. As if you didn’t have enough to do, without trying to keep your house looking perfect too! Stop right there, and check in with yourself.

I challenge you to let your house be imperfect and spend that time you would have spent cleaning to snuggle up with and kiss your honey instead.

Grab the mistletoe and give them a big smooch!

4. Put on your Holiday stockings

This may be a little cheesy- but drop your critical mind and have fun with it!

Why not give your partner a sexy surprise and greet them wearing *nothing* but a pair of Holiday stockings, a chemise and a santa hat.

You could even pretend to be a naughty Christmas elf that Santa has to tell off for being naughty!

Sex should be *fun*, so adding some festival roleplay can help you really get into the festive spirit!

5. Make a sensual Holiday feast

While this is the absolute season for indulgence, you’ll want to make sure you eat to keep your body feeling vital and energized (check my previous post). Why not combine your date night with some sexy feeding too?

Think of foods that are gooey and sensual: Chocolate sauce, strawberries, cream, peaches, and dried fruit. You could make it a festive meal, by cutting up your Holiday meal into small bites and feeding each other by hand. Make sure that you lick off any extra that dribbles.


6. Give sexy coupons

A sexy Holiday gift for your partner could be a set of coupons. But not just any old coupons, I’m talking sexy coupons that they can redeem when they want.

Some examples could be: A sensual massage, sex in the location of your choosing, striptease, extended oral sex… go wild with your imagination!

What sexy coupon ideas can you think of?

7. Naughty not nice stocking fillers

Make it a naughty stocking this Holiday season! You can fill it with things like a massage candle, some organic lube, some sensual massage oils, a little bullet vibe or some edible underwear. Maybe you could put some sexy coupons in there too?

I hope these tips will whet your appetite and re-kindle your desire for your partner again.

8. Think of a sexy gift

What sexy gift could you give your lover- that’s actually for yourself! Maybe you’ve had something on your mind for some time but that you haven’t yet tried it? It could be a new sexy lingerie, a new erotic toy, or playing out a secret fantasy.

Have fun with it, be daring and be creative!

9. Bathe like Cleopatra

Take time for yourself! Indulge in a sexy, beauty BATH (or shower), with your favorite soap and shampoo. 

Light a candle in your bathroom, put some essential oil, flowers or milk into warm foamy water and feel like Cleopatra. Put a soft, cozy rug on the floor to place your feet on when you get out, maybe put on some festive music and immerse yourself in the water.

Take this time to connect with your body and tune into yourself. Taking time to connect with yourself will help you connect with others and resource you during busy Holiday time.                                                                                                                                                

10. Write a holiday love letter

Write an old fashioned, hand-written letter to your partner. It could be naughty or loving, or both! And if you’re single now, why not writing to the ideal lover you haven’t met yet (but will), or to yourself? It’s a great time to express gratitude for what we have and let our bodies and imagination guide us towards what we desire.

So grab a pen and let yourself be wild or tender – or both! What do you wish to happen in your love life in the upcoming year? What do you love about the life you have?.

Have a sexy and love-filled Holiday!

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